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SEO Smart Link is a plugin to interlink your WordPress posts automatically.You can add links to any posts, pages, or media file. This plugin identifies your older posts with its title.Moreover, with the help of this plugin, you can add external links to your articles as well. First of all install and activate wp external links plugin.Hope this post helped you on how to add nofollow to all external links in wordpress. Share it and leave your comments below. Related Posts. Turning a title into a link is relatively easy when you use the right plugin. Adding a WordPress post title link to external resources allows people to visit that site simply by clicking on your post or page. Here are some good plugins you may use for linking WordPress titles to external URLs of your choice.After activation the plugin adds a Page Links To metabox after your posts/pages/post types edit screen. There are various plugins are available in wordpress repository but I am using Wp External links Plugin, SoIgnore links (Urls) to dofollow: Here you can enter links which you want dofollow on post or pageSet title-attribute : leave this option by default it will add title of external link automatically. To make the WordPress title link to an external URL instead of the actual post or page, you can use custom variables for a scalable and pluggable solution.WordPress Plugins. Blog. Slidepost. A simple plugin to display WordPress posts as a slideshow.The auto links concept is simple, instead of comparing all the blog posts title with the current blog content, it will only match the post titleManage the external links on your site. Features: Open external links in a new window. Interlinks Interlinks creates internal Wiki-style links in your WordPress blog.

Simply put [[ and ]] around a post title and it will link to the post in your blog.Lenky Related Links This plugin adds related external links at the end of each post in your blog. Some of the most popular WordPress plugin categories are based around adding related posts to a blog.Recommended Reading: 3rd Party Related Links Widgets For Websites Best Of.

External Posts is a wordpress plugin to add external content in your home page. You can add posts from other sites with automatic featured image, title and description only with the url. The article in the home page link directly to external link. This is a popular plugin to link post title to external URL, with this you have to just select an option that whether the post is a normal WordPress post or you can select an alternate URL where the post should redirect to. 1. Install and activate the Page Links To plugin. 2. Then, create a new post or go to an existing one and you should see the meta box below the post editor.View all posts by Marquis Brown . How to display recent posts from a specific category in WordPress. Adding Nofollow to external links in WordPress without using any plugin is very simple.In WordPress, when you write a blog post and insert one or two links in it, these links are dofollow by default and you have to manually ad nofollow to them each time you link to an external site. by Title.Better WordPress External Links plugin added 976 bytes of resources to the Home page and 919 bytes of resources to the sample Post page. Contribute to this Plugin. BWP External Links gives you total control over external links on your WordPress websites.Plugin Features. Process links for post contents, comment text, text widgets, or the whole page. Clickbank Wordpress Plugin For Affiliate Links - How To Put Clickbank Links On Your Blog - Duration: 11:27. affiliatemarketingmc 20,483 views.How to add an external link in WordPress - Duration: 2:01. bbtwebmasters 5,645 views. An external link is a link from your wordpress post or page pointing or linking to the page of other website or domain.Download Nofollow for external link WordPress Plugin.Popular Posts, Latest Post, Related Posts or any widget inside a tab External Link to Tab Title Nested Tabs i.e. Tabs inside a Tab Linkable Tabs External Link Icon1. The super easy way 1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add 1. Search for WordPress Post Tabs 1. Click to install 1 Linking WordPress Post/Page Title to an External Link. If want to linking your WordPress Post/Page title with an external URL, you can do this by using Page Links To WordPress plugin. SEO Ultimate Wordpress Plugin This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over meta titles descriptions, open graph, auto-linking, rich-snippets, 404WP No External Links Wordpress Plugin Mask all external links - make them internal or hide. On your own posts, comments pages, authors Link Icons. 10. Better WordPress External Links. This plugin gives you total control over external links on your website.Recent Posts. Simple Tricks to Choose a Catchy Title for Your Article. 5 Reasons You Need a Professional Writer for Your Business Blog. WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin. Breadcrumbs can be a useful navigation technique that offers link to the previous page the user navigatedThis snippet could be useful for anyone with a news submission site, by redirecting your post title to an external URL when clicked via a custom field. WordPress Post Tabs Pro. Best Tabbed Content Plugin for WordPress. Overview.Provide external link as the title of the tab and select to show external link icon beside the link. Method 1: Linking Post Title to an External Link in WordPress using Plugin.

This method is easier and is recommended for beginners. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page Links To plugin. Ive googled around to see how this can be achieved and found ordpress external links plugin I gave a go of the plugin, but pitily I couldnt make itI used the HTML >a href"" as a title and it appeared this simple method prooved working ) Here is a small screenshot, from wordpress Add New Post dialog. Method 1: Linking Post Title to an External Link in WordPress using Plugin. This method is easier and is recommended for beginners. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page Links To plugin. There may be a number of reasons why youd want the title of your post to link to an external URL.You could go to the WordPress Plugin Directory and find many, but Ill go ahead and recommend three beloweach slightly different from the next. even have to worry about link titles when writing posts and the plugin will also update all old posts that may be missing link title attributes.WP Auto Post Link Title Attributes. Updated on: July 19, 2015. Posted Under: Plugins. Related Articles. The 10 Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Go to post or page text editor. Search for the link you has given to the external site.How to install Title and NoFollow For Links WordPress Plugin using Plugin Search? First of all, Login to your WordPress website admin area. With WP External Links installed on your WordPress website, you can set a global target for all external links. This external links plugin gives you the ability to apply these settings to links in your post content, comments, and/or text widgets. Method 1: Linking Post Title to an External Link in WordPress using Plugin. This method is easier and is recommended for beginners. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page Links To plugin. Page Links To Plugin: Link Post Title to Any External URL.With this plugin, you can easily link a Post Title of your WordPress blog to any external/internal URL. At first Install Activate Page Links To Plugin by going to Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress dashboard.solution for this problem and that is through a custom field hack which allows the WordPress blogger to link to the external resources in their post title.Update: We were informed by our user that there is a plugin for those users who dont want to do the manual theme hacking by following this tutorial. This is the best WordPress plugin to add relnofollow attribute to all external links in WordPress blogs. Along with that, you can also set custom link title and linkThis plugin allows you to choose custom permalinks for all types of WordPress pages including Posts, Pages, categories, Tags etc. Linked. 0. Turn Custom Post Title into external link.Link Posts to External URL. 2. Change Permalink Structure for Custom Taxonomy.Custom WordPress user permalink. 1. How to change custom post type pemalink Hierarcy. Linking Your Blog Post Title to an External Resource.However, theres an easy way to turn your blog post into a link to an external resource with a WordPress plugin. The plugin is called Page Links To. Forget to put manually your links, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in theAdd meta tags such as title,description,keywords,index in posts, pages, categories everywhere on your site.Take control of external links in WordPress posts, pages comments. Help wordpress. Once this case you. Track post. Contents to. Space between page and posts plugin directory, the.Pagesposts to your posts title tooltips. Typing each sub-domains name for. Source it can process of. vizio tv camera For external link. Today in this tutorial Ill help you to explain the process to create the external link with your post title.If you have any problem to change the code or dont want to change the code, you can do the same thing by using the WordPress plugin called Page Links To. First open your functions.php file and add the following codes in there: [code langphp]. function print posttitle() global post thePostID post->ID postid getpost(thePostID) title postid->posttitle permFree and Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins and Tutorials. Method 1: Linking Post Title to an External Link in WordPress using Plugin. This method is easier and is recommended for beginners. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page Links To plugin. Extend Link plugin is All-In-One for WordPress post editor to manage the links, add class to link, rel nofollow, title, id, downloadable link, and more.In Rel field, enter your Rel, for example enter nofollow for external links. 2. Default links from WordPress (for example, from the post title) can go to the full external article, not the blog post. The plugin supports separate links to the Permalink and so on. This is all automated driven by the addition of one item of metadata to the post, a link to the external page. There are different WordPress plugins at your disposal. Many WordPress plug-ins can easily do this type of redirection plugin. Page to Links Plugin to Link WordPress Post Title to External URL. Tagged: add external link to post title, custom link for post titles, customize post title styling, External Link, post title font color.I was hoping to avoid adding a 3rd party plugin but may have to if theres no way to update Enfold or WordPress to provide this functionality. Add title attribute to external links (uses to the text of the link). Add targetblank to comment links (relexternal nofollow coming soon).Be the first to review WordPress Blog Easy External Links Plugin Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. 1. Title and Nofollow For Links. Thiss a simple plugin to configure all your external links.4. WP No External Links. Unlike above said plugins, it masks your outbound links in posts, pages, comments and RSS feeds to make them internal or hide. I have it currently so that my post title links to an external URL using the following code in my index.php file.Id like to have the title of my RSS feed to do the same. Im using the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin (Ver. LinkControl WP is a WordPress plugin in post-penguin era to take control of all existing links on your blog.(It increases the social SEO score and let me write unique title for Facebook, Twitter Google plus).Controlling External links are very important and this plugin is built with that target. WordPress Plugin to Link Post and Page Titles To External URL. If you dont want to play with the code to implement the functionality to link post titles to external url in WordPress, you can use this great plugin called Page Links To.

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