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Samsung did note that the S4 will be LTE-capable. Bottom line: Its likely that the Galaxy S4 will give business users more for their money -- as long as the price is comparable to the iPhone 5, which is likely. Supported Samsung Models: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 8/7/Note 5 /Ace/A/J series. Step 1 Connect iPhone and Samsung Smartphone to Computer. Plug both devices to a computer via USB cable. S4galaxy.ru. 431 likes. Все о новом флагмане Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, which some considered to be a minor update over the Galaxy S3. But Apples new iPhone 5s might be an even more iterative update, apart from one or two marquee features. Samsungs Galaxy S4 is the firms new flagship smartphone for 2013 but how does it compare to one of its main rivals, the apple iPhone 5? Apple and Samsung are by far the two most successful companies in the highly competitive mobile market today. So there you have it: the new iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S III. In case youre wondering why this has taken so long, we needed quality time with both phones - not just to get the reviews in, but actually use them day in, day out. iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware and Performance.

iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Software. While the importance of hardware in a smartphone is incontestable, hardware doesnt mean much without proper software. The Samsung Galaxy S4s build quality just isnt there for me to make the switch to it. But If I have to pick between the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4, I will definitely go for the new iPhone. Its down to personal preference in the end. Samsung Galaxy S3 was the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the flagship phone of Samsung Corporation. On September 10, 2013, Apple Inc. announced the launch of two its newest phones: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs (powerful).

First of all, lets go over some critical specifications of this new smartphone (a Sprint unit), just to have a frameThe Galaxy S4 is at a slight disadvantage here since other handsets like the iPhone 5 or the HTC One have slightly brighter screens (see photo above). Samsungs Galaxy S4 is unveiled on March 14, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall in New York.In the last quarter of 2012, however, Apple was blowing Samsung away with 27.4 million iPhone 5s sold, coupled to 17.4 million iPhone 4S. Its a Prizefight put you between Apples iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. Our judges for this fight are senior editor Jessica "The Peoples" Dolcourt, associate editor Lynn "Woo La" La, and myself "Cant Go Wrong" Tong. iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4. by Radu Nicolae 4 years ago.But until then, there is only one handset that can really compete with the iPhone 5s: the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 came out last April. iPhone 5 C with polycarbonate body. Galaxy S4. Galaxy S3. CPU. Quad core A6. Samsung Exynos 5 (dual cortex A15) or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro. Quadcore 1.4 GHz CortexA9. The first comparison video between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 looks at the design, new software features of the Galaxy S4 and the display of the two devices. During the launch event for the iPhone 5s, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the crowd, "We dont pack in feature after feature.". That was obviously a dig at Samsung, whose Galaxy S4 crams the most features of any smartphone weve tested, including a TV remote and an array of gestures. Apples newest iPhone shows Cupertino is hell-bent on reclaiming the top of the smartphone market. But is it good enough to beat the Android top dog, the Samsung Galaxy S4? Heres how the two phones stack up. Contents: Dimensions. Display. Connectivity. Processor. Memory. Operating System. Camera. Design. Battery. Price. Conclusions. Apple introduced its flagship, the iPhone 5S, smartphone a couple of days ago which is the most advanced iPhone yet according to the Cupertino-based company. The Galaxy S IV may be the fiercest fight the iPhone 5 has ever faced will the latters age start to show against the GS4s cutting-edge hardware? Can all of Samsungs attractive software features draw users away from the reliable allure of iOS? Cell Phone Reviews. Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4.4 Call Quality, Battery and Conclusion. Apple iPhone 5s specifications. Samsung Galaxy S4 specifications. Photos. Comments. To examine the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 we ran our in-depth series of Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out Lab tests and included the Galaxy S III in order to determine how OLED displays have improved, and the iPhone 5 to determine how it compares to a leading Dunk test: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5. 29 May 2013. Galaxy S4 hands-on review.

Highlights of Galaxy S4 launch. 15 Mar 2013. Samsung Galaxy S4 revealed. Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S4 and the launch event was a full Broadway production put on at Radio City Music hall in New York!Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple iPhone 5. HTC One. Operating system. We compare the Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.iPhone 5s Apple. clock speed. Nevertheless, while there have indeed been a handful of prominent phones launched this year, the biggest launches of the year Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S (or 6) are yet to hit us. And hit they will sooner than later. While the iPhone 5 is still an impressive smartphone, it doesnt hold a candle to the Galaxy S 4 We compare Apples flagship iPhone 5S with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Is Samsungs flagship smartphone good enough to tempt you away from the iPhone? Read our iPhone 5S versus Galaxy S5 comparison review to find out. By Max Parker 2013-09-11T11:55:00.253Z. Whenever Apple hits the stage and shows off a new iPhone, the tech world takes a breath in anticipation. What will they produce? This year, for the first time, we saw two new versions released simultaneously - the iPhone 5c, and the flagship, iPhone 5s. The feature set of is also typical in that Apple has offered incremental advancements rather than a complete redesign of the iPhone an overhaul which, to some tech analysts, could have given the 5S a leading edge over Samsungs flagship smarthphone, the Galaxy S4. Use this comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the iPhone 5 as a tool which will help you make the right choice, and research even more. But, in the end, its all about the taste. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5: Specifications Confronted. Samsungs (005930) Galaxy S 4 might not offer much in the way of an exciting new exterior design, but inside, its a completely different story.The Galaxy S 4 scored a 3,163 on the standard Geekbench 2 speed test, just shy of twice the iPhone 5s score of 1,596. But if youre into the latest and greatest technology the world has to offer, Id suggest buying a Samsung Galaxy S4. The reasons are so numerous that theyre hard to fit into a single article, but Ive tried. Here are 15 reasons to buy a Galaxy S4 instead of an iPhone 5. We compare the new Apple iPhone 5S with its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4, to find out which is best. iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4. SuperSaf TV. LoadingA comparison of the iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 looking at specs including Dimensions, Weight, Screen size, Build, Resolution, Processor, Memory, Camera, Sound, Battery and Price. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 has been launched just a while ago. The guys at Apple were basically ecstatic for the 2 million pre-orders they had (with 1 million more than the pre-orders made for the iPhone 4S) and they started to promote their product a lot. This is a battle that never ends between the two biggest rivals in the smartphone market where the latest device from Apple is their iPhone 5, and Samsung just came up with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. In this article I will compare the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 mini versus the iPhone 5. The S4 mini size and features put it well against the gracefully aging iPhone 5. This is why I think that the S4 mini is definitely a viable alternative to the iPhone 5 for a cheaper price. Now that the iPhone 5s has arrived, you might be curious to see how Apples latest and greatest will stack up against Samsungs trusty Galaxy S4. With that in mind, lets take a quick look at how the Apple iPhone 5s compares to the Samsung Galaxy S4. We put the Android 4.2.2 Galaxy S4 mini to the test against the iOS 7 iPhone 5s to find out which you should buy, the older Samsung or the Apple.PhoneRocket Review Our evaluation of Galaxy S4 mini vs iPhone 5s. For Samsung, that means the Galaxy S4 features the same plastic sorry, polycarbonate build as its predecessor and although it still feels a bit lightweight and flimsy, it does mean that you can easily swap out the battery and add flip covers, should you so desire. At 130g, its heavier than the iPhone Since the moment Samsung unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S4 handset yesterday, the iPhone 5 comparisons have been flying about nonstop. So a video comparison of the two devices was inevitable. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S are devices that highlight the best of two of the largest tech companies at the height of their powers, so which one should you choose? Each handset has its own strengths The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going neck to neck against the iPhone 5 in terms of features and specifications. If you are looking for a high end Smartphone with the finest and the best specs to enjoy, these two Smartphones are the best contenders. Perhaps two of the biggest names in the smartphone industry,Samsung and Apple both product high-end devices designed to appeal to tech-savvy users with busy lifestyles. Their 2013 flagship phones, the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S, both offer users a premium user experience. The iPhone 5S is Apples newfor 2013. It looks a lot like the iPhone 5, but theres a lot of new stuff going on under the shell and a bit on its surface too. Its a great phone, but is it the best phone out there? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is perhaps the iPhone 5Ss biggest rival. When you have a peek at our iPhone 5 full review, youll find that its an entirely different user experience than the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is shaping up to be. With the GALAXY S 4 youll be working with Samsungs The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the current king of standard-sized Android handsets.Like the iPhone 5s, the Galaxy S4 has been accused of being more tock than tick - an iterative improvement over last years monstrously successful Galaxy S3. Apple and Samsung both have phones that exist on nearly every network in the world, but for the purposes of this comparison were going to be looking at the Verizon Wireless variant of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 just to make sure things are as fair as possible. The Samsung Galaxy S4s construction has more in common with the iPhone 5C than the 5S, utilizing a plastic composite as the main build material. Thanks to its larger display, the Galaxy S4 is noticeably bigger than the iPhone measuring 5.83 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches and weighing 4.59 ounces. 47 comments to Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini vs. iPhone 5S Review (4K).Your videos are awesome man Just one thing Can you do more comparison videos with an iPhone 4s Thank you.

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