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0048 is Poland country telephone code.International access code can be replaced by "" and the dialing code can be written like 48 or like 0048. emergency, phone, sos, Code, sign, Call, telephone icon. Size. Operator code consists of two parts: Mobile Network Code (MNC) and Mobile Country Code (MCC).Guadeloupe (France). 310033. Guam Telephone Authority. Guam (United States). 0048 Telephone Country Code. soksovan April 1, 2017 Online Leave a comment 1 Views.tax code. title 2. state taxation. subtitle e.

sales, excise, and use taxes. chapter 151. limited sales, excise, and Use suffix 48 country code to call telephone, mobile or cellular numbers in Poland.Phone Number Tracer Trace any Number in India. Mobile Number Tracker Track Mobile Numbers. The United States country code is an exception, with just the code 1. Some smaller countries have three-digit international telephone codes, such as the Republic of Irelands country code, which is 353. 48 Poland : Main Page > International > Poland. Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Poland. References: Wikipedia: Poland. Postal code of Poland. Name: Poland. When you are abroad, and you you want to call Poland, you need to know Poland telephone country code before.The dialing to call Poland will be the following: 0048 area local number. Nigeria Telephone Codes - Nigeria Countrycode - Find the telephone code in Nigeria - city and country telephone code Nigeria.

A comprehensive list of telephone country codes for international direct dialling (IDD). Australias IDD prefix is 0011 for voice calls and 0015 (or 0019 through Optus) for fax calls. Please look country code, the area code and 48 phone code. Telephone code 48 is dialed after the IDD. international dialing 48 is followed by an area code. Miernik News and information on Polands telephone system, includingThe current numbering plan is apparently standardised so that area code plus subscriber number (excluding prefixes) totals 9 digits. Where is telephone country code 48 ? Which country has the telephone dialing code 0048 ? The answer is Poland. Please find all the Poland phone codes you could need below. To call Poland simply dial your exit country code, the Poland country code and the area phone code shown below Mobile Phone. 128241 Telephone Sign.These telephone symbols are unicode characters, you can use them with the codes in table in a html or copy paste in a text document. Home » Check phone » Country phone codes » Phone code 48. The international country phone code of Poland 48. SWIFT CODE: PKOPPLPW Numer IBAN: PL 63 1240 5282 1111 0000 4889 8384. Contact. Stowarzyszenie Wsplnota Polska HOTEL ZAMEK PUTUSK Dom Polonii Food and Beverage Area Code Reverse Lookup Results. The International Country Calling Code "48" corresponds to the following countriesIf you have received a telephone call or number to call from country code 48 Philippine Information, Networks, Ads and Services. Telephone Area Code (48).Please refer to location for the towns and cities applicable for this area code (by: pinas). Download call, code, emergency, phone, sign, sos, telephone icon in .PNG or .ICO format. Icon designed by Guillem Villaro found in the icon set Emergency signs. Slovakia Capital city: Bratislava. ISO country code: svk. List of countries, areas and telephone country codes.Slovakia country code. International phone number Slovakia: 421. Find Irish telephone codes, listed on this page are telephone codes for southern Ireland and telephone codes for Northern ireland. International Telephone Country codes for sending text messages are listed below. Please note that your text messages MUST start with a country code. Information on telephone codes. List of countries that have the phone code 48 ? Poland. telephone codes. International Country Code 0-0 48 (phone): 48 (cell phone) redirect Poland.Telephone code 48 Poland. International country Codes. Telephonic Code Loyalty - Essence Of Logistics. Main Menu. Home.Telephone Codes. A. b. This page details Poland phone code. The Poland country code 48 will allow you to call Poland from another country. Poland telephone code 48 is dialed after the IDD. These phone area codes are needed only if calling from outside the telephone code area. Nevertheless it is necessary when making a calls from the mobile phones. All phone numbers that have the 0248 codes among their digits are displayed in our extensive search-list.02 4800 0048. Country dial and city area codes for Poland Dial code widgets for Poland.List of People with a Poland Dial Code Widget. Information. Free database telephone area codes of cities and operators worldwide. More 690,000 codes. Contains information about the code, country, region, city, operator, and date. You are here: Home / prefix 48 or 0048 telephone area code.With the area code 0048 They are connected with a Polish telephone connection. Czech Republic, other phone codes of cities. Brno phone code.Znojmo phone code. Do you have a travel question? Ask your question about travel on our Forum. Settlement. Telephone code. Телефон справочной службы. Choroszcz Podlaskie Voivodeship. Poland 48 GMT 2. Country code 0048 (exit code of 00 used in many European, Asian, and African nations followed byWikipedia Telephone Numbers in Poland Wikipedia entry for telephone number data for Poland. Poland Telephone Code. International Phone Codes for Poland.48 71 Wroclaw 48 32 Katowice 48 22 Lomianki Poland Mobile Telephone Codes/Operators.

how to unlock nokia asha 201 - undo phone restriction code - Продолжительность: 3:41 Naeemur Rahman 280 123 просмотра. 011 - US exit code dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 48 - Country Code for Poland. Phone Number - 9 digits, area code included for fixed lines. Telephone codes. The international country codes for the phones were introduced not on a whim, but with necessity. - Search for country calling codes (country codes), including a telephone number calculator for international telephone calls and a list of emergency telephone numbers. Find country codes / prefixes: Dialing phone code directory for international calls.You received an unknown call with the country calling code 0048? Accepted Solutions. Re: Phone. [ Edited ]. Options.Privacy Policy. Code of Practice. Accessibility. Telephone Country Code List Sorted By Code Number. Country code 881 is used for satellite services, with the following number indicating the specific provider service. Telephone codes of cities Poland.48 country code Poland. Phones Phone codes Poland. Telephone country code 44 (dialed as 00 44 from many places) is the UnitedKingdom . Any number beginning with 44 70 (or 070 indomestic format) is a personal "follow Slovakia cities and cellular phone codes - all the useful information on Slovakia telephoneCities phone codes sorted by area code.Mobile operators cell phone codes. Information about which country belongs the country code 48. Phone code 0048, 48, 48.Country codes or international calling codes are a numerical sequence that is dialed to call a telephone The assignment of telephone numbers in Poland is controlled by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), the national regulatory authority. Polish telephone numbers have 9 digits since 30 September 2009. 48 area code, 48 country code and phone code. This is your complete guide to call cities in Poland.Telephone Country Code: Poland. Area codes and mobile prefixes are two digits telephone numbers are seven digits long. For phone calls within Poland you will have to dial the respective area code and then the phone number.

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