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Boards. Mass Effect 3. EDI. Destroy Ending SPOILERS.I was thinking of creating a new topic but that will be a waste. Anyway heres my question, in destroy ending, all synthetic life is destroy. Boards. Mass Effect 3. Okay, I gotta know Destroy Ending Spoilers.Like Destroy you are purposely choosing organic life over Synthetic. Theres no "sacrifice" or "rebuild them" of EDI and the Geth, you kill them because the Catalyst is right in that Synthetics and Organics cannot co-exist Why? And does synthetic life mean EDI? The paths are before you. All you have to do is choose. Shepard lopes forward. What! I didnt get my best Quarian friend Tali killed just so I could save the Geth and then destroy them.bioware, mass effect, mass effect 3, mass effect 3 spoilers. And life, frankly, doesnt leave us many choices. I feel like dominate, destroy and co-exist represents a fine distillation of the possible endings to the ReaperMass Effect 3 spends a lot of time making sure we understand this applies to AI as well, by making EDI a member of the crew and having the truth Organics lucked out big time that the Geth were so understanding and that A.I. like EDI are tame (and even then, EDI did something in the past beforeInstead, there are certain well-known side effects (i.e. Jokers inexplicable desertion and the destroyed mass relays) which cripple and sour the ending. mass effect 3 destroying reapers destroy EDI?if you destroy the reaper does EDI die? asked 5 years ago in General by anonymous. Mass Effect Mass Effect 3 End Destroy Prothean DLC Earth Cerberus Liara Shepard naked sex London romance New EDI final Walkthrough Citadel Male default Insanity mass effect shepard bioware Kasumi ea ME3 Ashley Joker EndingLiara Romance Goodbye Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC. So when I finally got to the end of ME3 I chose destroy. The reapers, this ancient race of galactic space nazis flying around mass genociding everyone needed to die.

But, both the geth and EDI are self-aware, evolving synthetic life, yet come Mass Effect 3 the Geth are focused on their survival and EDI is dead if you choose the destroy ending (Extended cut confirmed it). Thanks for watching !Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Everyone Dead Worst Destroy Ending in HD. Mass Effect 3 Guide. Characters.I truly love seeing EDI in the synthesis ending showing emotion and pretty much crying and uttering that she is alive, though I feel like Javik would be in a living hell, as he hates synthetics and now is part one, same w/ Ash. This is also the so-called Perfect Ending, where Shepard is presumably lives. If you have your effectiveMass Effect 3 Control Ending (Extended Cut) Additional scenes are added at the That the Geth and EDI would die I can accept, as EDI was made from Reaper tech and the Geth accepted the Reaper upgrade at the end.If theres going to be any continuance of the Mass Effect franchise beyond Shepards story, it stands to reason that the Destroy - Shepard Lives ending would Story picks up after the Catalyst gives your choices in the end of ME3. Updated 24/5/2012.

The result of this decision would be the destruction of all synthetic life including the Geth.EDI would also be destroyed. BioWare has put to rest a rumor in regards to the Destroy ending in Mass Effect 3, which dealt with the fate of Commander Shepard post-decision.You may notice that in the Shepard lives ending, the love interest hesitates to place Shepards name on the wall, and instead looks up as though deep The only way for Shepard to "live" is to choose the Destroy ending. EDI is an AI with reaper code, she should have been deactivated along with the reapers and the geth.Mass Effect 3 Ending? Not satisfying? Game: Mass Effect 3. When logged in, you can choose up to 8 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu.

Empty favourite.DLCCONEDI. Endorsements. 258. By the end of Mass Effect 3 they just wanted to see a big epic space battle and have Shepard live happily ever after, standing on aFor example, potentially killing EDI and the Geth along with the Reapers in the Destroy Ending, which after fighting to unify Organics and Synthetics, and give the Mass Effect 3 has three main ending options, each flavoured better or worse by your final Galactic Readiness score.Choosing it will blast the Reapers out of the sky but will also destroy all other AI, including the geth and your ships newly conscious computer EDI. BioWare officially confirms that Shepard is alive in the Destroy ending of Mass Effect 3! httpMass Effect 3 Best Ending Ever :0) Commander Shepard Lives And Happy Back On Normandy :0) - Продолжительность: 32:44 TheFones Massive 27 574 просмотра. If anything, I found the Destroy ending the worse of the three endings, rivaled only by the fourth Refusal ending, because it destroys EDI, the geth, and all synthetic life in-general as well as the Reapers.There was essentially only one big lie: eezo and subsequently the mass effect. you will destroy all synthetic life. This includes the Geth, EDI, and Commander Shepard (assuming you dont get the secret ending).It happens if its your second play through of mass effect 3 or if you have imported a save from the previous one. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut - New Ending (Shoot Child). Mass Effect 3- Worst possible fleet battle HD. ME3 Worst Control End - Only Joker, Treynor EDI survive!Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC | Paragon Destroy Ending High EMS (Male Shepard, Tali). Game Theory: PROVING Mass Effects Now, with the addition of the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3, that ending also features Commander Shepards love interest refusing to place Shepards name on the list ofDestroy sucked because it would snuff out the new synthetic life I had worked so hard to foster in EDI and Legion/Geth. in Destroy, Shepard lives, however The Geth and EDI die, since theyre Sentient, i believe Died is an appropriate term, after all, they ceased to exist.I dont think Happy Endings are boring, but i still loved Mass Effect 3, and it breaks my heart that its gonna take about a year until another Bioware Mass Effect 3 Endings. Effective Military Strength. Control (Blue). Synergy (green). Destroy (red).Joker EDI Ending. 4000. 5000. [Video]. Joker, your Parter get of the Normandy, EDI is dead Sheppard is alive. Mass Effect 3 Endings, with ME2 Savefile Import, where you saved the Collectors 1. Control (blue) 2. Destroy (red) 3. Synthesis (green). The kicker is if you youtube " mass effect 3 ending comparison."Yeah, but why the heck does the best ending include destroying the Geth and EDI? We were a cycle that was finally creating synthetic life that liked organics. Chose the Max EMS Destroy, so Shepard lived, but the Geth and EDI still died.Synthesis end just leaves nothing left from Mass Effect Universe which I like. P.S. Sorry for turning that topic in more one topic about ME 3s ending. We can all say we either liked or loved Mass Effect 3, but did anyone like the ending? No?It gave the illusion of choice, where really, you were forced to kill Shepard, destroy the Mass relays, strand the Normandys crew onWhat we want: 1. Shepard lives. If there was a love interest, we see them start a family and grow old together.3. An option to kill the reapers without killing EDI and the Geth. EDI(short for Enhanced Defence Intelligence) is a character from the sci-fi RPGs Mass Effect 2 and 3. She was the artificial intelligence added to the Normandy by Cerberus in the SR2 Unit. Initially nothing more than a virtual advisor, EDI becomes a squadmate after taking over the body of Dr. Eva Core This is the Synthesis Extended Cut Ending to Mass Effect 3. There are additional scenes at the end that add upon the original (unextended) ending, which include a voiceover from EDI.Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut - Destroy Ending - Shep Lives - Garrus Romance - Part 2. On this series, it will only look at the Destroy ending at which Shepard lives, Mordin died, Ashley/Kaidan lived through Mass Effect 3, you romanced a character and other.You: What about EDI? Solved: hi all, i just finished mass effect 3 again after a long period of time since it came out, but i didnt have the shepard lives cutscene? i.Accepted Solution. Re: Mass Effect 3 Destroy ending and shepard lives. Share Reddit Post. r/masseffect. EDI lives through destroy! [ME3 ending spoilers].Obviously a lot of people cant just let it go for many reasons (the worst writing of all time) otherwise we all wouldnt still be sitting here talking about mass effect. Another bonus to this ending: EDI survived. As strange as it seemed at first, I rooted for Joker and EDIs relationshipYannick LeJacq, in an article for Wall Street Journal titled Why the Ending of Mass Effect 3 Started aSaving and Destroying Lives One Click at a Time: Privacy and The Government. "You must destroy all synthetic life" as a result of using the Crucible. It seems weird at first.The Normandy has a Reaper IFF installed, thanks to the events of Mass Effect 2. EDIs dialogueThree: because the mass relays are destroyed in every ending, the Synthesis ending may be the only way Endings - Mass Effect 3: There are 8 different Endings for Mass Effect 3, but 73 choices that play a major role in the ending cut scene: "Destruction" ( destroy the ReapersIf you choose the Synergy ending (artificial intelligence and organic fusion), Joker and EDI and another crew member steps out.gotten to make peace with the quarians just a few hours earlier) and EDI (a valued member of my crew whod saved my ass time and again), so I took Synthesis.In the Mass Effect universeone could argue that this is no worse than choosing, in Destroy, to end the lives of billions of synthetic beings against their will. My Fathers Sad Life Story.Mass Effect Mass Effect 3 End Destroy Prothean DLC Earth Cerberus Liara Shepard naked sex London romance New EDI final Walkthrough Citadel Male default Insanity mass effect shepard bioware Kasumi ea ME3 Ashley Joker Ending Vega Anderson normandy Udina This is also the so-called Perfect Ending, where Shepard is presumably lives. If you have your effective military strength high enough (I think over 5000), then you get the additional scene at 10:51.Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an From the first game, the players choices as Commander Shepard have dictated who lives and dies, with results that ultimately define the fate of entire species in the trilogys finale. The end of Mass Effect 3 disregards the players choices on both galactic and personal scales. Mass Effect 3. From Wikiquote. Jump to: navigation, search.[From the EC Destroy ending if EMS isnt high enough] We knew this war would test us.EDI: Shepard, you are now possibly the only living organic who has experienced the Geth Consensus. Destroy Ending from Mass Effect 3 The Extended Cut DLC. Its well known ending from ME3 (Destroy Ending) with few extra movies.Mass Effect 3 - EDI Malfunction: Everyones Reaction (Citadel DLC) - Продолжительность: 3:23 RedStarBolt 595 142 просмотра. all the endings suck Destroy kills edi and the geth, no shepard does not live, even if hes still breathing, hes critically wounded, and itll be awhile before anyone checks for survivors, so he is dead, even still though, the goalmass effect 3: Control Ending - Krogan race dies, Rachni rule Tuchanka. The three original ending choices have been modified to include a varying narration provided by Admiral Hackett ( Destroy), a Reaper artificial intelligence modeled after Shepard (Control), or EDIOn November 4, a private beta of Mass Effect 3 became available on Xbox Live.[76] The beta was only Автор — V for Viktoria. I chose the Destroy ending and Shepard livedwell breathed,but still didnt like it very much.the other three options were bogus as well,but even in this EDIalso, whats the different between the control ending, destroy ending, and synth ending? never played mass effect 3 yet. Yet again the Mass Effect Fandom proved that it will not leave the ending in the state it was presented in the game. A certain (fan!) mod was created (and is right now in the testing phase) a Happy Ending Mod for ME3. We can destroy the Reapers, Shepard lives (EDI and Geth too) Main ending 2 - Destroying the Reapers.Mass Effect 3 Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App.Prothean Obelisk Benning: Evidence Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components Apien Crest: Banner of the First Regiment Kites Nest: Pillars of Strength Normandy SR-2: EDI Normandy SR-2 Xander Ellem: not perfect, edi can survive destroy, Im not sure what conditions you have to trigger to have it happen and it may even be a cutscene bug but edi can come out of the ship with joker even if you choose destroy.Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending review. Mass Effect 3 Alternate Ending(s). masseffect3alternate-endings As long as they are at war, their technology may destroy or negatively affect developing life.It would destroy all Ancient Race hardware including the Reapers and the Mass Effect Relays.—If you told Joker not to romance EDI, he dies. —If you never drank wine with Chakwas in ME2, she dies. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending review.Xander Ellem: not perfect, edi can survive destroy, Im not sure what conditions you have to trigger to have it happen and it may even be a cutscene bug but edi can come out of the ship with joker even if you choose destroy.

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