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I have solved my issue by looking at another team site in the web application. I have created a new page with the "Blank Web Part Page" layout. Then I have set the new page as the welcome page of the team site. Now the user can see the quick launch menu. Using the SharePoint Web Interface or SharePoint Designer 2010. The most straightforward option is to use the SharePoint web interface or SharePoint Designer 2010. Its a valid option if you need to display or hide the Quick Launch menu across your entire site. The Quick Launch menu is displayed on the homepage of a SharePoint site and contains links to featured lists and libraries on the site, sub-sites of the current site, and People and Groups.Hide or show the Quick Launch The Quick Launch appears by default when you first create a site. Very new to Sharepoint 2010. Created a Document Library and said YES to Display this Document Library on Quick Launch.go to the home page, select sight actions -> edit page. Check for web parts that may have been added to hide the quick launch as a default « Sending emails in sandboxed solutions in Sharepoint 2010. Sharepoint 2010 Business Intelligence Center, Sharepoint Dashboards ».Modifying the quick launch on FeatureActivated http SharePoint Police SharePoint SharePoint 2010 Hiding the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2010.To hide the Quick Launch. 1. Add a new Content Editor webpart. (Doesnt matter where you add it). Sharepoint 2010 - Check assemblies for memory leak Sharepoint 2010 - Hide the Quick Launch NavigationSharepoint 2010 Web Application Modes - Classic vs VMWare Workstation 8 New Features.

Index Adobe PDF Documents with Sharepoint 2010. Pingback: Hide Quick LaunchLeft Nav using Focus on Content in SharePoint 2013(). Pingback: SharePoint 2013 AddEdit Links in Quick Launch or Left Navigation(). There is no way out of the box to hide the Quick Launch and the Tree View navigation in SharePoint 2010. The easiest way is to use the CEWP trick just add the Web Part that now has the name Content Editor and add the following text in the HTML Source mode: