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Since iOS 11 has been available for over a week, many users are now running Apples latest mobile OS. While there are lots of great new features, one downside many users are experiencing is decreased battery life. Lets take a look at the best ways to improve battery life on your iPhone. iPhone 6 Battery Life: Consumer Reports Test Results. Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus promise longer battery life. Consumer Reports tests and compares to the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S 5, and iPhone 5s. iPhone 6 battery life (left), iPhone 6 Plus battery life (right). It is important to understand that your battery life will vary as per your usage, so if you listen to your music locally from the Music app and not stream off LTE/3G/Wi-Fi, your battery life would last much longer. If you own an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or other iOS device running iOS 8, you may have noticed a battery drain problem. Here are fixes to improve your battery life. Up next. iPhone 6 - Battery Life Test (running an intensive game) - Duration: 3:39. YourTechGuide 52,421 views.How To Increase iPhone 6 Battery Life - Duration: 5:51. CalTalksTech 548,019 views. Before starting our iPhone iPad Battery Tips Tricks, there is an important note for you: the idea isnt to performing all of them on your iPhone iPad to boost its battery life, instead, its to start from a clean slate. It is important for any iPhone users to know several iPhone battery tips, especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, to improve their battery life.In general the iPhone 6S has longer life than the iPhone 6 battery. If your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is losing battery life faster than normal, it could be the result of an app or service using more power than it ought to be.

Thanks to " battery shaming", introduced last year and significantly improved in iOS 9 iPhone Battery Always Running Out? Try These Tips To Make It Through The Day.While most Android phones are now claiming to have two-day battery lives the iPhone has historically struggled to make it through to the evening. 7 Tips for Increasing the Battery Life of Your Laptop. How to Recover Deleted Files from an Emptied Recycle Bin.England Vs Wales 2016: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. How to opt for Online VAT Registration.Hopefully, some of the following tips will be helpful for iPhone 6 battery life prolongingYahoo Mail. These are just a few simple, but effective ways of maximizing your iPhones battery life with Apples newest operating system, iOS 6.Also if you dont plan on using Wi-Fi for awhile, turning it off can be a life-saver. Assuming thats not the case, here are the best ways to improve your iPhone or iPads battery life, from system-wide settings worth tweaking to third-party apps that you should stop - or start - using in order to preserve battery life. I have iPhone 5S with 10.

1.1 iOS. I have experienced few situations where my battery life was about 30-40 and iPhone immediately turned off. When I tried to turn on it indicated low battery and kept doing this for about 2 hours everytime I tried to turn on. With the new iOS 11.3, the Battery Health will tell us the battery status and also help to speed up iPhones. To save battery life on iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7/8/x, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. However, even if the iPhone 7 have upgraded its battery level, but its endurance of battery life is not good enough compared with some Android high-end flagships due to the hardware and, the operating system, power consumption of the latest iOS 10 is really high. If Santa brought you an iPhone for Christmas, youre likely still in love with your new iDevice. Of all the knocks on any iPhone, battery life is among the most notable, with the small-ish battery of an iPhone tending to need a charge daily. My battery life on the iPhone 7 is just okay. Ive calculated it at about 4-5 hours of screen-on-time, and Ive noticed that it seems to do much better on standby with the wifi off. How have you other iPhone 7 owners been doing on battery? We saw how the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of performance, but how well do Apples new smartphones stack up to the competition when it comes to battery life? We ran our battery test over the weekend to find out. Hide Question. Helpful answers. All replies.Battery life is much worse with iOS 10 than it was with iOS 9. I did reset the network settings and I think this helped at least a bit. » Kevin Smith/Business Insider Everyone knows that the iPhones battery life isnt great.There are a few simple ways to stretch your battery life and make it further on a single charge. While you may have already heard some of these tips, its always good to get a refresher. Apple iPhones battery life seems very short, especially for power users like me, who like to run multiple applications to be more productive. With the new apps and faster Internet, youre using it a lot more often. How to save battery life on your new iPhone 6. Our Picks. Popular. Sections. Samsung unveils the Galaxy S9, its answer to the iPhone X. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have.

Implementing artificial intelligence you will most likely get what you were looking for.Latest Questions. questionanswerhow long is the iphone 5 battery life yahoo? sealed battery fumes harmful, battery for acer laptop prices 15000, how to recondition a ryobi 18v battery jigsaw, battery laptop compaq presario cq42 weight, iphone 5c battery life yahoo answers, fix ecig battery reviews, car batteries kempton park uk, car battery fitting service at home depot. The iPhone 6 features battery life specs at or better than the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus is larger, and contains a larger battery.The capacity of the iPhone 6 battery has not been announced, but leaks have pointed to an 1810 mAh lithium-ion battery. The frustration of a dead battery will be familiar to every iPhone owner. But what can you do to avoid it, other than use your phone less? Apple is good at squeezing maximum performance out of the hardware in the iPhone and thats one of the reasons that the iPhones battery is comparatively small. [Compatible with iPhone 8/7/6s/6] MADE FOR iPHONE This powerful 3000mAh built-in lithium polymer battery can effectively provide more than 100 additional battery life to your iPhone. Battery Life And Charge Time The Iphone 6 Plus Mini-Review intended for Iphone 6 Battery Life. Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Forums At Imore intended for Iphone 6 Battery Life.Yahoo Messenger For Iphone. Its a misleading way to measure real-world battery life. Our testing and customer data show the actual battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, even taking into account variable component differences, vary within just 2-3 of each other. Calls for a recall are building in that country. Closer to home, another U.S. publication has decried bugs that are destroying iPhone battery life. All of this, though, amounts to anecdotes and speculation. APPLE has some disappointing news for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who are suffering with awful battery life on their devices, or experiencing a glitch which sees the phone cut-out whenever the battery dips below 40 battery life remaining. Check out our article which features more than a dozen excellent iPhone battery tips which will help you extend the battery life of any model iPhone. The Best iPhone Battery: Answered! Theres more data to suggest that the initial reports were overblown. Although the issue is not as big however still, you dont want to see your battery getting low at a large pace. Therefore, here we bring you 5 steps to improve iPhone 6 battery life. Make these adjustments and you will see the difference. Apple has promised that its iPhone X will have a slightly better battery life than earlier iPhones.Would you buy an Android phone that copies the iPhone X? Hundreds of iPhone X owners cant answer incoming calls (sometimes), Apple is looking into the issue. The Posts Geoffrey A. Fowler replaced his iPhone 6 battery using Apples new replacement program.We answer that and more of your biggest questions.Former Yahoo CEO apologizes for data breach. How to Improve iPhone Battery Life.As mentioned at the outset, when push comes to shove, you can always enable Low Power Mode and save lots of battery life without messing with a lot of different settings. Ask any iPhone owner for a wish-list of improvements and I guarantee "better battery life" will be at the top. It just seems like theres never enough juice. Thats in part because we use our phones all day, and in part because batteries just wear out over time. Need to squeeze more battery life out of your iPhone? These 30 tips will make your iPhone last longer--now updated for iOS 10 and Apple Watch.30 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life. Simple ways to use your iPhone longer. If you want a detailed look at how your battery operates under stress, you can download an app like Geekbench 4, a diagnostics tool that will offer detailed information about your iPhones speed, battery life, and computing power. The new iOS 11 was just released by Apple, and you can install it right now. Overall, its got some great features, but how does it fare battery-wise on your iPhone? And how can you increase daily battery life for more juice and less charging every day? Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. How long does the battery last on the iPhone 6? Why couldnt my iPhone 6 Plus battery last for 2 days?After 2yrs iPhone 6 is giving 1day battery life. Read How to improve iPhone battery life. You can charge your iPhone 6 faster with an iPad charger without damaging the battery.Whilst it wont preserve your battery life, it does provide an important accessibility feature for those affected by colour-blindness. Apple has also released an article with more details on understanding iPhone battery life and performance. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the replies below.Give it a Kudo to say thanks. Did my reply answer your question? Increase battery life by disabling background app refresh. One of the features which are designed to make your iPhone smarter is background app refresh. This feature will keep the apps ready for you whenever you need to use them. However, I find that the battery life is abysmal! I need to constantly have my charger with me, which I think is ridiculous. Is it just me? Am I not using my iPhone 6s right? How do I prolong the battery life of my device? Comparing the battery life of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with their predecessors.A healthy comparison is what everyone seeks to figure out the battery efficiency of not only the new iPhones but also with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Like other iPhones, the iPhone 6 starts out with great battery life, but over time it seems to get worse and worse. While it is possible to get a costly battery replacement from Apple, you do have some alternatives to improving your iPhone 6s battery life. The iPhones have always boasted good battery life and users expect the iPhone 6 to be no exception. The larger size of the iPhone 6 means room for a larger battery and the boost is significant. For the most part, the battery life is going to be the same when the handset is sitting standby on your desk or pocket or when its being used to talk on the phone via cellular tower, but the iPhone 7 has some significant battery savings for audio playback (wirelessly, at that), internet usage

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