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Just as I planned before coming to Hong Kong, exploring Ngong Ping 360 is the first on the itinerary. From the hotel where I billeted, I took an mtr from Chai Wan station of the Island (blue) line to Central station then transferred to Tung Chung (orange) line and alighted at the end of the line 2013 (10). Goodbyes to Hong Kong. All good things come to an end. Last morning with the family and then off to HK airport for a mid day flight. 24 hours door to door return home with a nice surprise of being picked up by my beautiful wife in Boston! Lena and Ranley 2013 Hong Kong Adventure (Part 1). Просмотров: 992.Trip on tube : Hong Kong trip ( ) Full Episode - Sightseeing tour [HD]. Hong Kong Trip 2012. Friday, October 19, 2012.Date Visited: 11th October 2012 (Thursday) to 14th October 2012 (Sunday) This was my first time in Hong Kong with my wife and we booked the trip through Natas Fair At Changi Expo from Ad Travel. Being back in Hong Kong without the people I used to hang out with feels very very different. After our amazing trip through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, it was time to part and say "goodbye". Singapore Hong Kong trip, august 2013 - Duration: 16:18.Trip on tube : Hong Kong trip ( ) Full Episode - Sightseeing tour [HD] - Duration: 18:18. Besides posting about movie review, I decided to talk about my Hong Kong trip with Greenridge Secondary Schools Chinese Orchestra. This was my first school trip and I went to Hong Kong for five days. Overall of my trip was fun, though it was tiring and I missed Singapore, my home.

Briefing for Hong Kong trip will be done on 18th November 10am. (It is during our Band Practice). Please turn up on that day as there is no 2nd briefing. Also, the Student Handbook will be given out, where all details like packing list, luggage information, detailed itinerary Im going to Hong Kong 4 days 3 night. Woohoo. 2013 (66).www.ashohtonic.

blogspot.com. Video-Onz. Arrived home this week after a lengthy trip around Hong Kong, Macau and China. Went with the family including dad this time. We saw some truly jaw-dropping scenery this time round.There are about a million other things I could say about the trip - but that will have to do! Katie Nikelle were roommates when Katie spent a year living in Hong Kong teaching English.We got a bit behind on our posting, so were going to finish up post-trip. On Friday, we shopped some more. Hong Kong trip 08. Saturday, April 5, 2008.After bidding good bye to all, we walked towards the fashion streets of Hong Kong, i.e. the hawker zone where you could buy things off the sidewalk. Hong Kong trip. We usually bring the hat along whenever we go. So, this year for our annual trip, we went to Hong Kong. It was on my birthday, but the main agenda is Disneyland for Nasya. How odd is that? Before your trip, you should go to Golden Crown Guest House, to buy the entrance ticket to Ocean Park, Madame Tussaud Peak Tram Sky Terrace 468, Macau Ferry.people have used Justgola to plan their trips to Hong Kong. Hongkong Trip 2013. Previous Next. Hongkong Trip 2013. Planning a trip to Hong Kong? I wanted to share some stunning Hong Kong views that I love. Even though these places are popular and touristy, they still provide incredible views of this great looking cosmopolitan city. Hong Kong Trip. Sunday, September 18, 2016.Two Russians, a German, and an American go to Hong Kong No, its not a joke (yet). Those are the home countries of the 4 people in our "suite" (myself included). Sunday, 26 May 2013. Hong Kong Trip Overview. I went to Hong Kong on a short trip from the 12th to the 15th and I saw so much things that I just had to write about and share! HomeTravelGetting Away Hong Kong in 2013.If you like to travel and experience new cultures, then Korea is definitely the place for you! This week, I am going to discuss my first trip to Hong Kong that I took about a year ago. Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Final Days and Closing Thoughts. As I reflect on my nine week stay in Hong Kong, I cant help butI also want to thank all of you who have supported me! Whether its through donating financially toward my trip, reading my blog, or praying for me over the past 10 weeks. Wednesday, September 06, 2006. Hong Kong Trip - Updated (3 Jan). this could be the day ive always been waiting for. the day tt i set foot in hong kong to experience for myself the very famous tagline - mai dong xi, chi dong xi! and im glad i wasnt disappointed, the shopping was crazy This blog is about me and my brothers trip to Hong Kong,and about us trying to break into the Action Cinema sector. Along the way we are also recording all of our progress and day to day dealings and hopefully making the footage into a documentary of our trip. In January 26, I was in Hong Kong with Kwee Keak for 5 day trip. It was a great adventure for us since neither of us been there and we stayed in Mongkok Dragon Hostel.Trip to Hong Kong is not done without a trip to Ocean Park. 2013 (2). I bought a 5 nights hotel with round trip ticket to Hong Kong for this 2007 Easter. I met so many old friends. I found out I really have a lot contacts. Followers. Blog Archive. 2013 (2). February (2).Hong Kong Handover 15th Anniversary Fireworks (Jul HK Evening Hike: TST to the Peak and back (June 30 Hong Kong trip (June 25, 2012). Hong Kong Trip. Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Pictures.Right now I am sitting in a coffeshop on campus called "Pacific Coffee Company" it is this super-Western coffee chain in HK and China. However, below are certain tips and advices to guide you on your Hong Kong trip. So read the followings very carefully to find some useful information about Hong Kong.Blog Archive. 2013 (2). December (1). Hong Kong family trip 23-27 January 2013.Finally its my Hong Kong trip!! Day-1 Day-2: Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. Hong Kong trip. Thursday, 23 September 2010. Blog off.Supposedly this cures all ills. Im waiting patiently for it to kill off my cough. As of tomorrow it will be a trip to the pharmacy and the honey can compete with the antibiotics to see who cures me first. Well have more posts about things here in Manila soon, but Ive finally finished uploading some videos from our trip to Hong Kong.It was a beautiful, quiet Sunday, and I chose to capture this spot because the sound of the birds was so nice. The cuisine of Hong Kong is Cantonese cuisine which is strongly influenced by non-Cantonese-speaking China, Western world, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In Hong Kong, you can enjoy food in the roadside stalls to the most upmarket restaurants I must be lucky to be back from Hong Kong just in 2 weeks time (My Hk trip from 18/04/09 till 21/04/09 with my cousins and friend). Cant imagine if the outbreak happen just 2 weeks earlier. But i must admit that there are so much fun during the trip, nice food, nice scenery everything nice! Hong Kong Trip 2012. Friday, 24 August 2012. Day 7: Tsim Sha Shui Jordon. Last day of our trip Today we have decided not to go very far, just near ourIn between our we stopped for coffee just to watch passer by Then we had dim sum. In HK, you will be asked to share table with other guest. Monday, 28 July 2014. Hong Kong Trip Day 3 - Disneyland.The food looks delicious as well, Dim sims everywhere else just doesnt compare to HK :P. xx www.beautifyinglifee.blogspot.

com. Travel Diary: Hong Kong. 27th September, 2013.huskyandblue.blogspot.com.au.Jessica. This looks like the most amazing work trip. I cant wait to see photos of the jewelry! Hong kong Trip. Went to hk early this month n bought lots of skincare products! Esp from sk2 Haha. Surprisingly, sk2 is much cheaper in hk than in japan! 2013 (14). 2013 (68). December (12). November (8). Hongkong Trip!!! Monday, March 29, 2010.Last day in Hong Kong and we didnt wake up early to do the last minute shopping. Last night all of us turn in around 2am. We check out the hotel at about noon and leave our baggage in the hotel. shinyprettythings9.blogspot.com.9 Comments on Shiny Pretty Things: Hong Kong Trip: Day 3. on May 01, 2013 | 02:16 Yumekosaid : "i went to that restaurant before and i agree with u hahaha actually errtang tasted the same to me hahahah i think there are better and cheaper places to go". 67 Responses to Japan and Hong Kong Trip 2012.Reply. ZERO WONG. February 24, 2013 at 1:28 am. nice photos i am hong konger:3 i am curious to know how does hk look like in foriegner eyes thanks for sharing your experience0. Japan/Hong Kong Trip. Mark, Nina, and Rachels Far East Vacation.We should get to our front door late Saturday afternoon. All in all, its been a great trip. We hope you enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about it on this blog . All in all, the trip to the Housing Authority was an enriching experience with a deeper understanding on how the Hong Kong government allocates housing targeted at the lower income households.Blog Archive. 2013 (7). Ive previously reviewed another trip to Hong Kong here, which has some pictures of the skyline lit up in all of its majesty as well as some other pics I enjoyed. Hong Kongs airport is really easy to navigate, and the Dragonair flight waswell, I have no idea Hong Kong Trip. Day 1 Dinner Day 2 Breakfast Day 2 Dinner. Lobster in cheese!! 2013 (12). Sunday, 1 December 2013. Overland Hong Kong has moved!Rounding off the trip nicely - and women on ships are NOT a bad thing! Yes, Im back in Athens now after my summer of funready to face a new round of challenges. Chew Family. Saturday, 15 June 2013. Hong Kong Trip. Here we come Ngong Ping 360.Dinner with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden. Breakfast. Mickey Playground and Maze. Bye, Hong Kong. I know I have yet to blog about Vietnam, my visitors, etc, but this is a hotter topic right now. Hopefully Ill post about the former in a week or so. Below is a first draft of an itinerary I e-mailed to two friends that are considering joining me on my post HK trip. Hong Kongs e-Guidebooks offer unique and insightful tips on the citys history, cultural attractions, shopping and dining venues, outdoor activities and more.My Hong Kong Guide is a new fun, interactive and collaborative trip planning tool. My Hong Kong trip will start on 31 Jul till 4th Aug 2009. There are danger level of H1N1 and also issue(Hydrochloric acid). I will be staying in Mongkok, hope everything will be ok. Mandy has not bought her ticket yet. I on the other hand bought it during March with extra Ringgit expensive.

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