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New Zealand is famous for rural lodges--such as Huka Lodge, Wharekauhau, Blanket Bay and Paratiho--that serve memorable food and excellent local wines.Neudorf This winery is located in Nelson, on the northernmost tip of South Island, one of New Zealands prettiest wine regions. Famous red wines of New Zealand include the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Pinot Noir. There are various wine making regions in New Zealand and each seems to have its own particular variety of wine grape which is made into wine with varied results. What wine aficionado doesnt dream of visiting as many of these world famous wine regions?Marlborough Wine Region. New Zealands largest wine growing area, tucked between high mountains. Bordeaux. Below were going to get into everything you want to know about New Zealand wine: the types of wine for which the country is famous, the history of wine in New Zealand, the many New Zealand wine regions, and the best foods to pair the wines with. Wine regions of the Southern Hemisphere.After four beautiful days in Queenstown, it was time depart for the famous Marlborough region known for its luscious Sauvignon Blanc. It may have been the first, but Northland is still the smallest wine region in New Zealand.Famous as the first city in the world to see the dawn of the new day, Gisborne also manages to boast some of the most light in the country. Visiting New Zealand Wineries. Many wineries have tasting rooms where wines can be sampled for free or for a nominal fee.Hawkes Bay is the second largest region, located on the east coast of the North Island. New Zealands premiere food and wine destination is known for chardonnays, cabernet Auckland Wine is some of the oldest in New Zealand.Although the majority still has headquarters in Auckland, they almost all own land outside the region, which is where most of their grapes are grown [source: Kiwi Wineries]. New Zealands wine regions are at their most spectacular in autumn when the days are long and bathed in late sunshine its an ideal time to savour and enjoy the countrys sauvignon blancs, alternative albarinos and rieslings. There are 10 main wine growing regions in New Zealand, each showing great diversity in climate and terrain.Red metals and famous arid, stony Gimblett Gravels are noteworthy features, the surrounding rolling hill country is clay and limestone based. Information kindly supplied by Wine Institute of New Zealand. North Island Wine Regions.Abundant sunshine with cool nights and a long growing season helps to build and maintain the vibrant fruit flavours for which Marlborough is now famous. 2. Auckland wine region.

Being New Zealands largest city, Auckland is home to about approximately 1.5 million people.This place is notably famous for its Pinot Noir Wines. There are a lot of premier hotels, restaurants and cafes in this area, which again makes it a great hop spot. New Zealand is home to more than 500 winemakers, spread across 10 wine regions located on both the North and South islands. The most famous wine to come from the country is its award-winning sauvignon blanc, although youll find a wide variety of white, red and sparkling wines grown here. As a whole, New Zealand has ten major wine growing regions.Pinot Noir.

This grape variety, which is native to world famous Burgundy region, has found a new home away from its home in New Zealand. Across the islands, New Zealand has ten major wine growing regions. A variety of wines are made in New Zealand, the most famous ofPinot Noir has also proved itself well suited to New Zealands terroir and has made itself at home in Martinborough, Marlborough and most famously in Central Best Wine Vinyards to Visit in New Zealand. New Zealand has over 500 wine producers, spread across 10 wine-growing regions that literally span theMarlborough is New Zealands most famous wine-making region, where most wine tours and travellers descend to for succulent pinot noirs Historically, Sauvignon blanc has been used in many French regions in both AOC and Vin de Pays wine. The most famous had been Frances Sancerre.In the 1980s, wineries in New Zealand, especially in the Marlborough region, began producing outstanding, some critics said unforgettable Counted in one of the most famous wine regions in New Zealand, Marlborough is also famous for the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival that takes place in February. It is the time when regions wineries come together and host visitors from round the world who come to sample best wine of the New Zealand.The Burgundy wine region is a famous wine region in eastern France. It is located in the valleys and slopes along the Saone River. Buy premium New Zealand wine online direct from your favorite NZ winery. Worldwide delivery service from the vineyard to your door.New Zealand wine is renowned for its unique characteristics, and famous for its purity, vibrancy and intensity. New Zealand wine regions produce a variety of wine Popular Wineries in New Zealand View all. Twilight Vineyards.Some of our favorite wineries are Forrest Estate, Sacred Hill, Gibbston Valley and Alan Scott. there cover a range of price ranges and encompass some of the more famous wine regions of NZ. Best wines of New Zealand are mainly produced in eight wine regions which extend from latitudes 36S in the north to 45S in the south.Famous for Bordeaux style wines, this large, diverse wine region has over 100 wineries and vineyards. Probably the most famous New Zealand wine region to the international community, Marlborough is best known for producing fantastic Sauvignon Blanc.See an Interactive Winery Map of Marlborough here. Fun Marlborough Fact: Marlborough was rated the sunniest region in New Zealand in 2015! The New Zealand Wine Regions are crowded with trophies and gold medals.If you are planning to visit New Zealand, you can enjoy the wineries across all seasons and all weather. For New Zealands wine industry it represents a commitment to protect the places that make our famous wines. New Zealand 39 s Most Famous Wine. Source Abuse Report. 12 Some Regions in New Zealand.Related: wairarapa wine region new zealand, wine regions of spain map, sileni wine new zealand, new zealand trade centre, wine region maps, new zealand premium wine, new zealand This region is famous for its Sauvignons, Bordeaux and Chardonnays.Gisborne as another prime location for wine making in New Zealand. This is the largest wine region in New Zealand and it is totally dominated by Sauvignon Blanc. It is home to the vivid, rich gooseberry style that made New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc famous around the world. In the modern tourism industry, this region is known as the premier food and wine destination in New Zealand.This region is also located on the North Islands east coast and famous for its various wineries and vineyards. It is the fourth largest wine region of the country. Jonathan Cristaldi gives us a fly-by breakdown of New Zealand wine regions in this five-minute guide.Marlborough. Yes: this is the countrys most celebrated growing region where your famous, highly aromatic and vivid Sauvignon Blanc wines reign supreme though listen: some good Pinot Situated on the East Coast of the North Island (39.4S if you want to be precise) The Hawkes Bay is the oldest wine region in New Zealand with vines being planted there since 1851. The climate is maritime and funnily enough, its not dissimilar to the climate of Frances famous wine region - Bordeaux. Marlborough is New Zealands most famous Sauvignon Blanc region, although notable examples of the wine are also found in Hawkes Bay, Nelson, and Canterbury. Suggested Itinerary: 4-Day Marlborough Wine Region (ex Picton). Touring New Zealand wine regions is a marvellous way to explore the country, meet the Kiwis and experience our way of life.Home to some of the smaller wineries in New Zealand, these boutique vineyards produce some famous red wines. We reckon incorporating a couple of the best New Zealand wine regions into your self-drive vacation is a must.Its perfect for producing a wide variety of wines, from the famous Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Auckland, east to Gisborne, the Chardonnay capital of New Zealand, down to where New Zealanders have been making wine since the colonial period, but only in the past few decades has the New Zealand wine industry truly come of age.Northland: New Zealands northernmost wine region is also its smallest. The most commonly grown wines here include Merlot, Chardonnay, and Perhaps the most famous New Zealand dessert is the pavlova, a large meringue covered in whipped cream and fruit the originsThe diverse New Zealand climate and terrain are perfect for producing wine, especially in regions with hot days and cool nights, and viticulture is a growing industry. World-famous wines in New Zealand, New Zealand.

Wine regions experiences. Kiwis have developed a discerning palate when it comes to wine, reflected in the number of high-quality wineries and vineyards throughout the country. New Zealand Wine Vacations: Unique Food and Wine. Taste the delicious flavors of New Zealand with this unique vacation. Visit famous wine regions and sample the very best New Zealand has to offer. New Zealand has 10 major wine-growing regions spread across the North and South Islands, the most important of which is Marlborough. A variety of wines are made in New Zealand, the most famous of which are the pungent, grassy whites made from Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough. Our geology, sunshine and maritime climate is part of what makes New Zealand wines world-renowned. It also makes a trip through our wine-growing regions a particular and scenic pleasure. While Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir may be some of our most famous New Zealand has 10 significant wine-growing regions.New Zealand is famous for the beauty of its scenery, so make sure youre doing your part to preserve the landscape for the New Zealand wine is produced in several wine growing regions in New Zealand, a southern hemisphere country considered part of the New World of wine, spanning 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) from latitudes 36 to 45 South in the South Pacific Ocean. New Zealands wine regions extend 1,600km (1000 miles) from sub-tropical Northland (36 S) down to Central Otago (46 S), home to the worlds most southerly vineyards.Geographical Indications. Protecting the places that make our wine famous . New Zealand first became famous worldwide for wine through its Sauvignon Blanc but has fast obtained a good reputation for other varietals suchThe above is a brief overview of the major wine regions of New Zealand. Should you wish to know more about the wineries of these regions or No matter where or what you taste though, you may notice that New Zealanders especially enjoy very dry wines, even in varietals that are sweet elsewhere around the world.The Marlborough region put New Zealand wines on the map, for its ideal conditions to grow Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Including wine tasting and winery visits on your New Zealand holiday, wine regions and where to stay and who to guide you.New Zealand has several notable wine regions and these are briefly described along with wine guides and accommodation choices. Learn all about New Zealands wine production, from the grape varieties to the key winemaking regions.World famous for a wide range of whites and reds, the country brings plenty of interesting varietals for keen enthusiasts to relish. Within these diverse regions, sub-regional characteristics are beginning to show through and wines are now being distinguished as being not just from a wine region, but from a sub- region and a place. To find out more about New Zealands wine regions click here. Best wines of New Zealand are mainly produced in eight wine regions which extend from latitudes 36S in the north to 45S in the south.Wine production in Auckland mainly centers on Henderson Valley, Kumeu, and Huapai, all boasting an array of world famous and boutique wineries. New Zealand is famous for its beautiful scenery with rolling fields and areas of agriculture, to soaring mountains, stunning beaches, and rugged coastal areas Nine famous trails, including the Milford Track, entice hikers from all over the world to New Zealands scenic shores.Superb wine regions. Hawkes Bays Bordeaux blends and Marlboroughs Sauvignon Blancs are some of the best wines in New Zealand.

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