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Perform regular exercises as they are very effective in bringing blood pressure to normal. Follow a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.BP 134/53 is it Normal? for a 72 years old man? - Fahad [September 15, 2013]. This site is really helpful ! - sunshine [April 21, 2013]. I am a 75 years old man and my blood pressure is 135 over 73 with a pulse rate of 61.Is this ok.I recently measured my blood pressure and it showed 90 60. I am 38 years old and generally very healthy! 55-year-old man. It started by chance as this silent menace often does.Mid-thirties man. I went to see my GP about a minor complaint, and as a matter of course my blood pressure was taken. Docs, whats a normal blood pressure for a man 47 years old? Dr. Ruben Altman Dr. Altman.Blood Pressure: A healthy heart should have blood pressure that fluctuate. The ideal average should run 120/80. For a healthy 55 year old man who doesnt smoke with healthy blood pressure below 120/80 and cholesterol level under 160, he still has about 2 risk of having a heart attack in the next ten years. Blood pressure chart by age for men and women. Understand your blood pressure readings to identify hypertension and hypotension risks.Below is the chart that reveals healthy blood pressure readings for age and gender that can be used a guideline.I am 81 years old. For those over age 75, 84 of women and 75 of men have high blood pressure. In addition, its a problem that is becoming more widespread.Data from the Framingham Heart Study indicate that people who are 55 years old and have normal blood pressure face a 90 chance of developing For young adults aged 20 to 40, the normal, healthy blood pressure ranges are 120/80 but there is also normal to high, 130/85 and normal to low, 110/75.In comparison, people who already had high blood pressure by 55 years old had a greater lifetime risk of between 42 and 69.

A 55-year-old man presents with a 30-minute history of retrosternal pain that radiates to the jaw.Your Answer: Correct Answer: Patent ductus arteriosus. A 58-year-old man is seen for a routine physical exam. The only abnormal finding is a blood pressure of 150/96 mm Hg. And healthy arteries stretch so as to let more blood to shove through them.In general, young men with high blood pressure have high diastolic pressure when compared to older men.Yet after the age of 55, high blood pressure is more persistent in women than men. Among men, blood pressure tends to go up after age 55.In a healthy reading of 120/80, 120 is the systolic pressure and 80 the diastolic.Hand Grip Exercises Blood Pressure.

What Is the Ideal Blood Pressure for a 48-Year-Old Male? High blood pressure affects men and women differently.However, after the age of 55 years old, high blood pressure is more common among women than men.Want to live happier and healthier? Sign up for our newsletter for practical health tips. Subscribe. Hi i am 31 years old healthy never had any problem until on 5th June during a preventive health checkup myHi Noel, A fasting blood sugar of 7.55 mmol/L is considered diabetes, if it happens more than onceIm 25 years old , im little fat 80 kg and I have a 282 sugar and 140 blood pressure , is Having a high systolic measurement is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease for those over 50 years old.Its not uncommon for a healthy adult to have blood pressure readings around 85/ 55 mmHg, what medical professionals might refer to as low-normal. Is the 50-55 pulse rate for a 37 years old man normal? What is a healthy blood pressure for a 73 yr old healthy woman please. A 37 yr old healthy male with a pulse of 48 and symptoms of a headache on t I am 39 years old man, I have been experiencing irregular hearbeat/heart jumps at regular interval.I am 42 years old lady may weight is 55 I have no obesity but may blood pressure is 160/110 what do you advice me. SOURCE: what is the normal blood pressure for a 9 year old child.www.webmd.com/healthy/new-guidelines-treat-high-blood-pressure-in-over-80s Apr 25, 2011 - High Blood Pressure Treatment Extends Life in the Very Elderly one in three men and only one in four Why should I care about high blood pressure in men?High blood pressure is especially dangerous, because people can have it for years without knowing.A healthy diet can go a long way toward preventing high blood pressure. I am a 55 year old female, generally healthy, but recently diagnosed with high blood pressure .What is an appropriate blood pressure goal for a 70 year old man? What is the good level for: Systalik, Diastanik and Pulse level by age ove 70 years To me is a good resalts is wery impotant over the years high blood pressure slowly damages your blood vessels, making them narrower and more rigid.child) who has had heart disease and / or stroke illness before the age of 65 (women) or 55 (men) or your family hasPeople under People over 55 or afro-55 years old Caribbean descent. Im 68 years old and I take blood-pressure lowering medication.While Im not a blood pressure expert, based on what I know, I treat blood pressure in people 60 and older when it is over 140/90.Harvard Heart Letter. Harvard Mens Health Watch. When I was first told I had high blood pressure, I changed to a healthier diet, I quit smoking, I seriously cutKatherine Cirlincione on July 8, 2015 at 3:55 pm. I developed high blood pressure back in 2007.Also add that they need a full medical at least once a year ESP over 50 years old. High blood pressure doesnt just happen to older adults.The prevalence of high blood pressure for adults in England in 2015 was 31 among men and 26 among women, with little change over the last few years. The Healthiest Things Every 45-Year-Old Should Do.In a new study, people who avoided hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and obesity in middle age had a risk for heart failure up to 86 lower than those who had all three.Similar trends were found for 55-year-olds. What is normal blood pressure for 48 year old man? normal BP for a person done growing, male or female is 120/80. However it has been noticed that women of slighter build usually run lower like 110/70. Normal blood pressure for a man would depend on what the range the physician would want it in. Most physicians would want a mans blood pressure to be 70 over 110.What is normal blood pressure for 36 year old man? The bottom number, 80, is diastolic pressure, when the heart at rest between beats 6 healthy range. Ask well blood pressure over age 70 the new york times. At the age of 35 years is considered normal for men blood pressure 123/77 mm. Hg. Art. For a man, 45 years old, this figure increases slightly and is 127/80To maintain activity and healthy condition of the nervous system to men aged 35-45 years should adhere to the following recommendations You are a 35 year old man and your blood pressure is 120/80. Congrats your life expectancy is 76 years (assuming you are healthy otherwise).Bummer your life expectancy is 55 years. Might want to let your kids know about this. However, after the age of 55 years old, high blood pressure is more common among women than men.Health complications for men and women due to high blood pressure.What is a Healthy Weight? What is a healthy 40 year old mans blood pressure?Is 107/58 with a pulse rate of about 55 bpm a healthy blood pressure reading for a 16 year old girl? Name: Manny Cano (78/55)! I am 16 years old and have a blood pressure of 78/ 55 and heart rate at 64!!!!! I do excessive workouts everyday and have been in sports my whole life.A healthy 12 year old boy captain of his team yet so upset about whats going on love them all. What is blood pressure?But although many senior citizens experience some changes in memory as they grow older, most men who remain healthy continue to function at high levels. What is normal blood pressure level? What do your bp readings mean?This is a reference for you regarding the normal blood pressure level for 1 month infant to 64 years old elderly.My mom has a digital blood pressure cuff and during this I took it , which was 94/ 55 with a pulse of 90. Home > Heart Health > Blood Pressure > What Is Normal Blood Pressure? Ideal Levels for Men, Women, and Children.55 to 59 years. Even if the normal blood pressure for men is 120/80 mm/hg, it can vary slightly according to age.55 to 59 y/o.For example, a 15 year old may not be able to maintain the normal 117/77 mm/HG BP because he or she may have a body of a 19 year old. Can you tell me what is a normal blood pressure reading for a 55-year-old man? Answer.

The Joint National Committee defines four blood pressure categories.There you can get all the advice you need on getting your blood pressure to a healthy level. the normal blood pressure of healthy Iman lies bet 80mmHg to 120mmHg. 253 Views.What is the normal blood pressure level for a 45 year old male? The researchers examined blood pressure and mental function in 140 men and women age 40 to 70 years old.From this 154 year-old, healthy, energetic man we learned a great deal about keeping the heart fit by means of a simple natural foods diet and vigorous exercise. The researchers examined blood pressure and mental function in 140 men and women age 40 to 70 years old.From this 154 year-old, healthy, energetic man we learned a great deal about keeping the heart fit by means of a simple natural foods diet and vigorous exercise. For people 65 years old or older, high blood pressure affects more women than men.2.In 2009, Americans visited their health care providers more than 55 million times to treat high blood pressure.2. A person with a history of high blood pressure gets a blood pressure check to be sure his or her medication is helping.A 55-year-old woman gets getting a routine mammogram to screen for breast cancer.Preventive Healthcare for Men. Everyone over the age of 55 should take drugs to lower their blood pressure - even if their reading is normal, a leading doctor has recommended.It is estimated that the average 65-year-old man has a one in ten chance of having a heart attack in the next ten years. A healthy blood pressure would be below both these numbers, indicating a low risk of heart attacks and stroke.Last year, a panel of experts relaxed recommendations for people 60 and older, saying drug treatment should only start at pressures of 150/90. There is no doubt that a mans sexuality changes with advancing age. The instant, anytime, as-many-times-as-you-want erections that are more the rule rather than the exception at 18, do not last forever.What is a healthy blood pressure for a 11 year old female? Blood Pressure: 90/55. By Melanie Haiken, Health Journalist.The information below is designed to help you understand what your latest blood pressure readings may mean for your health -- and to provide tips on what you can do to get or keep your blood pressure in a healthy zone. Blood Pressure for Men under 20. Age Group. Average. Minimum. Maximum. 15 - 19 Years.Note: BMI is a standard unit to measure obesity level. Blood Pressure for Men over 40. Age Group.55 - 59 Years. I started lisinopril about a year ago, which reduced by blood pressure from 135/85 to 120/80. (5mg per day).I learned today that my brother-in-law who is 44 years old, I said rectal bleeding for 2 weeks. As mentioned earlier, blood pressure increases with age, beginning from infancy to older adulthood. Since most healthy babies and children are typically not at risk for blood pressure problems, most doctors do not check their blood pressureWhat is Normal Blood Pressure for Men and Women? If its within this healthy limit you should live to the average life expectancy. If not, for every extra fewAccording to the University of Texas, a 55-year-old man who needs 15 minutes to run a mile has aAn Aston University study found that eating 50g a day of almondsfor a month reduces blood pressure.

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