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You can do it addding this in the Javascript or Js file Email codedump link for Set background color on div with jQuery? Email has been send. Set Div Background Image From Source With Jquery Html Tuts Com.Styling In React Kirupa Com. Dynamic Background Colour Change Using Picker By. Background Color In Javascript.

.To specify a CSS property in JavaScript that contains a dash, simply remove the dash. For example, background-color becomes backgroundColor, the border-radius property transforms into borderRadius, and so on. . [OFF-TOPIC] Finally, I am reached Platinum Level How to add image on a JavaScript canvas? Kotlin Template - for non beta testers Reached 50k XP Challenge : Vowel How to use JavaScript (not jQuery or other JS framework) to do this? Edit:how to change the h2 backgroundColor too.change background color of div. -1. Div class, Random Color generator in Javascript. 0. setting div background with javascript. 0. how do you set the background color of an item in an HTML select list?background-color: red I assume you mean the